A downloadable game for Windows

Hello you all!

i dicided to make my own game, so its my first game and its free.

i doesnt want donations because my game is just shty.

you can download the installer (deinstall-file inc.) here: https://zoroarkzorua.wixsite.com/z-p-spiele

or just the game (without installer)

on the itch.io download button.

so the inputs are easy: 

Mousevutton1 = shoot

spacebar = spott the enemy

pls report problems in the comment section!

and pls subscribe my channel!

channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbcb1Rk78WFEY5y3eY1f1hw

Install instructions

just a simply game is included

at the first time running the game your anti-virus programm can say:

its a virus.

i had this problems with avast too

just wait... (when you are using avast)


tankshooter WIP PreBeta V0.5.0.exe 2 MB

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